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The battle began with several burning M3 Halftracks and other vehicles, with multiple American soldiers lying prone near the wrecks to avoid getting spotted by the Germans on the other side of the field. Fury, Old Phyllis, Lucy Sue, and Murder Inc. arrive to start providing fire. Multiple soldiers lie in wait as the tanks pass by, before getting up rushing behind the advancing tanks.

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At one point, Lucy Sue nearly runs over a few soldiers before Sgt. "Wardaddy" Collier warns them and remarks at them to "Get your head out of your ass." After several more seconds of advancing, a trench with an MG-42 opens fire, and guns down a few unlucky Americans. The machine gun mainly targets Fury, its shots pinging and ricocheting off. Garcia orders Norman to get on the periscope, while Wardaddy orders Bible to hit that machine gun. The tank fires, with first shot missing. The second shot, however, hits close to the trench, igniting the gun and killing its crew.

Fury Browning (15).jpg

Seconds later, a Pak 40 anti-tank field cannon hidden in the forest on the other side of the field opens fire, and the shot whistles by. As the tanks search for the origin of that shot, the Pak 40 fires again, grazing Old Phyllis on the right side. Peterson remarks that the shot was a ricochet and confirms that they're OK. Fury then opens fire on the treeline, with Sgt. Miles firing the turret mounted .50 Cal on Fury. The other tanks fire as well, ultimately closing in on the Pak 40's location until Fury scores a hit that ignites the gun and the crew.

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Before anyone could relax, though, a second Pak 40 opens fire, alerting the tanks to the second field gun. Binkowski alerts the tankers to the smoke discharge in the forest right before the German field gun fires again. The .50 Cal gunner on Lucy Sue opens fire at the small cloud of smoke in the distance, with Davis successfully locating the gun. All tanks open fire, all shots missing until Fury scores a fatal blow against the anti-tank gun, destroying it and eliminating the gun.

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With all heavy resistance out of the way, Wardaddy orders all tanks to spray machine gun fire at the treeline. All four tanks, now advancing, starts firing at the trees and the ground in front of the treeline. Many trenches housing German soldiers are hit or grazed, forcing all soldiers to duck as a torrent of machine gun rounds whiz over them. Garcia orders Norman to fire at the Nazis, and Norman empties the belt into the treeline, possibly hitting a few enemy soldiers sticking out of the trenches.

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When he has to reload, a soldier pops out of a trench with a Panzerfaust. Garcia yells at Norman to get him, prompting Bible to use the coaxial machine gun to hit the soldier. As the tanks roll over the trenches, Garcia yells at Norman to "do his job", despite him trying to reload the gun. Garcia runs over a German soldier before Wardaddy orders all tanks to halt. Firing with the .30 Cal atop the turret, Wardaddy yells for Miles to "get his boys in the fight". All the infantry spread out from the tanks, gunning down every German in the open while rushing to secure the trenches with the four Shermans overshadowing them.