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Name Binkowski
Allegiance United States
Rank US Army Staff Sergeant
Portrayed by Jim Parrack

"They sent five tanks out, one comes back. It’s hard to believe we’re winning the war."

Binkowski is a supporting character in the movie Fury.

He is portrayed by Jim Parrack.


Not much is known about Binkowski's life before the war. He commanded Murder Inc., a 75mm Sherman. He participated in both the beetfield assault as well as the battle against a Tiger I, where he was killed in action by said Tiger, the first victim of its ambush.


Binkowski had a huge sense of humor and was playful around his allies, even in combat. In the assault on a German-occupied town, when asked to clear a basement, he fired an HE shell, resulting in debris flying everywhere. This was an exaggerated action and angered some of the soldiers, and when looked at, Binkowski shrugged, half smiling.