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Dean Valentine is an Irish composer for film trailers.

He wrote Now I Take Everything From You for the Fury trailers.


Dean Valentine is an award-winning composer based in Dublin, Ireland. He has composed scores for clients such as Warner Bros, Disney, Brown Bag Films, Lionsgate & RTE.

Dean has also made a name for himself in Hollywood composing award winning music for blockbuster trailers like Lord Of The Rings and Clint Eastwood's war drama "American Sniper", which was called "Full of Sound and Fury". He also, perhaps most notably, composed music for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer which has won him two major awards for his music including the coveted ‘Golden Trailer Award’.

Dean also composed original score, title themes plus number of original songs for ‘Disney’. His other credits include scores for movie trailers such as Ridley Scott's ‘Prometheus’ and Paul Greengrass’s ‘Captain Phillips'.