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Name Emma
Portrayed by Alicia Von Rittberg

―Emma telling Wardaddy her name

Emma was a supporting character in Fury that Machine became infatuated with.

She was played by Alicia Von Rittberg.


Don Collier and Norman Ellison's bond is stronger after they capture a small German city from its occupying Waffen-SS. Looking for an apartment, Don and Norman discover a German woman, Irma. Don asks Irma in German if there is anyone else in the apartment. He says no, but Don quickly finds Emma, ​​Irma's young cousin, who is hiding under a bed. Don makes it clear that he does not intend to harm women, but rebukes Irma for trying to hide Emma, ​​as it could have resulted in her death. Don and Norman sit down and instead of taking advantage of the women, he asks them for simple favors, like water, to wash and cook some eggs he has prepared for them, so that everyone can have breakfast together. Don also gives Irma several packets of cigarettes. Norman begins playing the piano (performing 'Virgin' He does this until he looks in the mirror and sees that Don has terrible burn scars along his back. Don then tells Norman to make a move on Emma (take her to the bedroom) or he will. Emma takes Norman to the bedroom with her and Irma tries to stop them, but Don says no, because "they are young and alive." Don also never tries to make a move on Irma, who is closer to his age, and also protects Emma from Gordo and Coon-Ass's sexual advances, so it's likely that he was just trying to get the boy to do a move on the girl And never thought of sleeping with Emma.

Emma's corpse discovered by Norman Ellison.

In the bedroom, the two are nervous at first, and although they can't speak the same language, they share a connection and Norman reads her palm. Seemingly relieved that he didn't try to rape her, Emma doesn't resist when he moves in for a kiss. She is then shown walking out of the room, straightening her dress. It is implied that the two slept together. After they leave the room, the four of them sit down and have breakfast together, but the tank crew gets into the boat, rudely taunting the women and angering Don and Norman. They are called on to move on, and Norman tries to get Emma's contact information, but is kicked out before he can. Soon after, a German bombardment hits the city, killing Emma, ​​Irma, and some of the American forces. Norman is distraught over this death of Emma, ​​combined with seeing the cruelty that cowardly German soldiers show to their own people, hardens Norman. After disabling a tiger tank, Norman angrily takes out his frustration on the Nazi soldiers, killing a few. Later, Norman tells Don that he has started to enjoy killing German soldiers.


Emma is a young, blond-haired German girl. Emma wears a blue dress that has flowers and light blue and pink stripes all over the dress. And she's wearing black heels.