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Fury (tank)

Origin USA
Year Int. 1942
Designer Detroit/Fisher TA

"This is my home."

Fury was the name of a late-war M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman tank that served as the primary setting of the film of the same name.


The tank was part of the 3rd Platoon, taking command after Matador was ambushed and destroyed. It, along with the fellow Sherman tanks in the platoon, took part in the Beetfield Assault and the wrestle with the Tiger. Fury was grazed by multiple 88 mm rounds in its engagement against the Tiger I, before hitting an anti-tank mine at the crossroads and getting immobilized.

It was later immobilized at the crossroads battle where the last of its original crew perished. Presumably Fury was later retrieved by the army, but due to the war ending & demobilization Fury may not have been repaired.



  • During the Tiger fight scene, Grady is shown grabbing a 76mm HVAP and loading it instead of loading a WP round.
    • To add to this, almost all of the rounds shown are HVAP. HVAP was rarely used as it had tungsten, a rare wartime material, and was reserved for tank destroyer forces.
    • In addition, if Fury was using HVAP rounds, it would have easily penetrated the front armor of the Tiger I. The distance of both of the tanks was well within 1000m, where the HVAP round could easily pierce over 150 mm of RHA placed at a 90 degree angle from the horizontal, more than enough to penetrate the Tiger's frontal glacis plate.