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Lucy Sue
Lucy Sue.jpg

Origin USA
Year Int. 1942
Designer Detroit/Fisher TA

Lucy Sue was the name of an M4A2 tank commanded by Ssgt. Roy Davis in Fury's Platoon.


Lucy Sue was an M4A2 Sherman; an older model that served in Africa, Italy, and the Pacific. The M4A2 was armed with a low velocity 75mm gun which was well suited for anti-personnel & bunker busting, but incapable of penetrating armor that other, newer Shermans could.

For extra frontal armor, Lucy Sue had a extra track and some wheels mounted between the driver and bow gunner positions. Like the other tanks, logs were strapped onto its sides. It also featured a more brightly colored camouflage pattern, which appeared to be almost tropical.

"Lucy Sue" was stenciled in yellow onto the gun.


Off-set shot of Lucy Sue

Lucy Sue survived the fateful encounter with German Panzerfaust troops that resulted in the death of Parker, and went on to participate in the beetfield assault.

Later in its service, Lucy Sue, with the rest of the platoon, entered a town. The group split up, Fury and Murder Inc. heading in one direction, Lucy Sue and Old Phylliss heading in the other.

After taking the town, the four remaining tanks were ambushed by a German Tiger I. After a brief moment of confusion, Lucy Sue and Fury became the last tanks left in the platoon, and began to charge the Tiger. Wardaddy noticed that the Tiger was targeting Lucy Sue, and ordered Bible to shoot it. Bible was unable to act quickly enough, however, and Lucy Sue was destroyed in a single shot. Its turret was blown into the air, and the tank was left burning.

Lucy Sue's state after being hit by the Tiger.


  • Sgt. Roy Davis (Commander)
  • Unidentified Gunner
  • Unidentified Loader
  • Unidentified Driver
  • "Rhino" (Bow Gunner)