Fury Wiki

Origin USA
Year Int. 1944
Designer Detroit/Fisher TA

Matador was the name of a late-war Sherman tank commanded by Lt. Parker that served as the lead tank of Fury's tank platoon.


Matador was an M4A3(76), a variant of the standard M4A3 Sherman equipped with a 76mm gun. It could only be distinguished from an M4A3E8 Sherman by its rounded turret and simplified muzzle break. Strangely, Matador posessed the main body of an M4(105) HVSS Sherman.

Parker's tank had a considerable amount of sandbags layered over its front for extra armor. It also featured logs strapped onto its sides, like the rest of the tanks in its platoon. An M1919 machine gun was mounted by Parker's cupola.

The word "Matador" was written in yellow on the side its gun.

An off-set photo of Matador.


While leading the rest of the platoon on a convoy, Matador was ambushed by German children armed with Panzerfaust rocket-launchers. After its right side armor was hit, the tank was set on fire, killing its entire crew. Lt. Parker was the only crewmember that managed to escape the tank, but he was killed shortly after on his own behalf.


  • Lt. Parker (Commander)
  • Unidentified Gunner
  • Unidentified Loader
  • Unidentified Driver
  • Unidentified Bow Gunner