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Murder Inc.

Origin USA
Year Int. 1944
Designer Detroit/Fisher TA

Murder Inc. was the name of an M4A4 tank commanded by Sgt. Pete Binkowski in Fury's Platoon.


Murder Inc. was an M4A4 Sherman, a rare variant built with a Chrylser engine instead of the usual Ford. It was mostly exported to other Allies, and rarely used by American forces. Aside from its extra length to fit the engine, the M4A4 was mostly identical to a standard Sherman. The primary weapon was the low velocity 75mm T3 cannon

Murder Inc. has little in the way of extra defense, and is easily the most standard looking of the tanks in 3rd Platoon. Logs are strapped to the side, as is custom, and a Browning M1919A4 machine gun is mounted to the rear of the turret.


Murder Inc. survived the ambush during the convoy attack, and took part in the beetfield assault with the other four remaining tanks.

An off-set shot of Murder Inc.

After the engagement, the platoon pushed into a town in split into pairs. Murder Inc. followed Wardaddy's Fury through the alleys. When a hidden German machine gun opened fire on the infantry, Binkowski ordered his gunner to fire on it with the tank's main gun, much to the annoyance of the other troops and the amusement of his crew. The two tanks went on to accept the surrender of a group of German child soldiers.

After an artillery strike forced them to leave the town, Murder Inc. followed the other tanks down a road to their next objective. Murder Inc. would be the first victim of the Tiger I, suffering a single fatal hit that resulted in an explosion during the surprise attack.

The tank's destruction alerted the remaining three tanks of the danger they faced, and prompted them to engage.


"Murder Inc" was the name the Press gave to a crew of Jewish and Italian enforcers that operated primarily in New York during the nineteen-twenties; judging by the Commanders last name, this appears to be what it is a reference too.


  • Sgt. Pete Binkowski (Commander)
  • Unidentified Gunner
  • Unidentified Loader
  • Unidentified Driver
  • Unidentified Bow Gunner