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Old Phyliss
Old Phyliss.png

Origin USA
Year Int. 1942. Upgunned in 1944

Old Phyliss was the name of an M4A1(76)W tank commanded by Ssgt. Peterson in Fury's Platoon.


As an M4A1 tank, the oldest model of tank in 3rd Platoon, Old Phyliss definitely earned its name. It can be easily differentiated from the other Shermans by its more rounded shape. Despite being completely obsolete in its original form, Old Phyliss was modified with a new turret featuring the 76mm gun, bringing it up to par with Fury and other 76mm Shermans.

Aside from various crew belongings attached to the turret and the standard logs, no extra armor was mounted on the tank's body.

"Old Phyliss" was stenciled on the gun with yellow paint.


Old Phyliss 2.png
Old Phyliss in the last microseconds of its life.

Old Phyliss travelled with the rest of 3rd Platoon platoon during the panzerfaust attack. It then continued with other three remaining tanks and took part in the beetfield assault.

Upon reaching a town, the platoon split up. Old Phyliss advanced with Lucy Sue. After clearing the town and taking artillery fire, Old Phyliss pushed forward with the others to its next location.

The platoon traveled down the road until interrupted by a surprise shot from a Tiger I, which successfully destroyed Murder Inc. Old Phyliss, Lucy Sue, and Fury were the only tanks left in the platoon, and turned to face the Tiger. Ssgt. Peterson's head was completely vaporized by a direct hit from the Tiger's main gun. His tank would follow soon after. Old Phyliss' front armor was easily penetrated by the Tiger, and the tank and its remaining crew were gone with one blow.

Old Phyl.jpg
Old Phyliss hit dead-center by the Tiger I. Murder Inc. burns in the background.


  • Ssgt. Peterson
  • Unidentified Gunner
  • Unidentified Loader
  • Unidentified Driver
  • Unidentified Bow Gunner
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