T/5 (Technician Fifth Grade) Conley (nicknamed Red) is the war name for an unnamed soldier who was the assistant driver in Fury.


Red was killed in an unknown way by the Germans during an unspecified battle somewhere in Nazi Germany, behind enemy lines. He could have been killed by an anti-tank round or machine gun fire, but it's never specified. Red's corpse was later carried out of Fury, and his head was shown to have been blown completely off. Red was replaced by Norman Ellison, who also had the duty of cleaning Red's blood out of his new spot. Norman also found a portion of Red's face that contained his eye, nose and part of his mustache. After seeing this, Norman fled the tank and vomited.

He was shown to be very close to the tank crew and Don Collier named him as the "best gunner in the entire Ninth Army".

Red had a wife, described in the script as: "The tough cattle ranching woman who has no idea her man is dead."

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