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Roy Davis
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Name Roy Davis
Allegiance United States
Rank US Army Staff Sergeant
Portrayed by Brad Henke

"We ain’t supposed to be the targets now."
―Roy Davis

Roy Davis (1910-1945) is a supporting character in the movie Fury.

He is portrayed by Brad Henke.


Not much is known about Davis' life before the war. He commanded Lucy Sue, a 75mm Sherman (which had a cannon far inferior to even his allies, such as Fury and Old Phyliss). He participated in both the beetfield assault as well as the battle against a Tiger I, where a tiger came out of nowhere and he was killed in action by said Tiger at the age of 35.


Roy was a man grateful for whatever comes his way, and was vocal about this when he saw Wardaddy return to camp after battling a German armored division. He seemed serious about his job and didn't play around as much as some other commanders, without a huge sense of humor.