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The SS Lieutenant on Horseback (listed in the credits as the SS Officer) was a German soldier who was seen in the opening of Fury.

He was portrayed by Marek Oravec.


It is April of 1945 somewhere in Nazi Germany. Emerging from the horizon, riding on a white Spanish Arabian stallion, the SS Lieutenant heads through a farmer's field in early morning, before dawn. Fog mixed with smoke covers the muddy, furrowed soil. He is erect in his saddle as the disciplined horse elegantly trots along. It is quickly revealed that they are not just walking through a farmer's field, but rather the site of a battle that ended very recently. It is brutal. There are several burned-out, abandoned tanks visible, some still burning and others with armor ripped open like tin foil. The SS Lieutenant continues walking by, not paying much attention. This proves to be a mistake. As he passes an American Sherman tank with "FURY" crudely written on the cannon in white paint, an Allied soldier springs off the tank behind the turret and leaps onto him, knocking him off his horse and pushing him into the mud. The SS Lieutenant, too dazed to fight back, does not have time to go for his sidearm, and after a very brief struggle, the Allied soldier pulls a knife and stabs the SS Lieutenant in the head, mainly through the eyes, several times. After severing his brainpain and twisting the blade inside the SS Lieutenant's skull, the soldier withdraws the knife and looks down at the corpse for a moment.

That soldier turned out to be Don Collier, an American staff sergeant and the commanding officer of Fury, who not only hates the SS but also is willing to use unwavering brutality to kill as many German soldiers as he possibly can so as to end the war faster. Collier wipes his blade off on the SS Lieutenant's uniform, steals his Knight's Cross medal and his Luger P08, a prized souvenir among Allied soldiers. He then gets up and lets the horse go before returning back to the tank. An air raid arrives, so they have to flee the area quickly.