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Name Waggoner
Alias Old Man
Allegiance United States
Rank Captain
Portrayed by Jason Isaacs

"All we got is you."
―Waggoner to Wardaddy

Captain "Old Man" Waggoner (March 12, 1888 - April 25, 1945) is a minor character in Fury.

He is portrayed by Jason Isaacs.


Waggoner was commander of Baker Company, 1st Battalion, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Division. In the film, he is only seen in one scene, when Fury returns to camp in a German town. Waggoner told Don Collier of the importance of their mission: they have to protect a camp full of allied nurses, doctors, cooks, and mechanics before an approaching radical SS battalion wipes it out. They then leave, and never see the Old Man again.


Waggoner seemed somewhat sarcastic but simultaneously serious about getting the jobs done that needed done.


In the script and a filmed but deleted scene, Waggoner is killed. In the script, it says that a sniper killed Waggoner suddenly, but this was cut for being too unrealistic. In the deleted scene, he is killed by an explosion. This deleted scene even made it into a trailer. In the film, he is never seen again, so he probably survived.